Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since YKK’s founding in 1934, the pillar of all YKK Group business activities has been the Cycle of Goodness™ YKK Philosophy, which embodies our belief that no one prospers without rendering benefit to others. In pursuing our business, YKK Southern Africa devotes great attention to the way in which we can realise such mutual prosperity. We continually create new value through innovative ideas and inventions, which results in business expansion for YKK Southern Africa, which in turn brings prosperity to consumers and trading partners, and thus benefits society.

As a good corporate citizen, we take our responsibilities toward society and our fair business practices seriously. We believe it is our important duty to respect diversity and cultures, customs, and viewpoints and play a role in the development of society through our business activities.  YKK Southern Africa is committed to helping build a more sustainable society through its main businesses. We expect to achieve this through implementation of the Cycle of Goodness™ YKK corporate philosophy and the management principle, “YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance.”