Baby Diapers

Featured Product of the Month- SureFit® VS Hook YKK Southern Africa has been producing a continuous molded plastic hook for more than 20 years.  Based on this experience, YKK has developed a light, soft & flexible nappy hook for the baby nappy market. Our nappy hook has a higher peel and shear strength, which engages with most landing zone loop materials. It provides a secure closure and its high tensile strength prevents it from tearing.

Q. What colours can YKK supply for this product?
A. White is the standard colour for this product, but customised colours are available upon request.
Q. What is the standard size of this product?
A. It comes in a 10/13/20/26mm widths, but other sizes are available upon request.
Q. Where can we buy this product?
A. As a global company, YKK is able to supply this product anywhere in the world.